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  Summer Now
I saw something in the water that was quite beautiful. It looked like tiny suns
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  The Musical
The music filled the room with joy and loving hearts. It was beautiful. The who
1box Storygirl90
  Random Stuff You Never Heard Of
there are some things that have cream and some things that have to be eaten wit
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I Am Awesome

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  I am
  I am Awesome and that is the best thing about lying i'm actually the most annoying person ever don't be fooled by what I look! I act smart I'm a vampire I drink blood and toilet water because it's tasty. Although chocolate is so very tasty i prefer Tomato juice on my own under pants which is weird. i love pie and eating vomit from another vampire and licking grass. I also like making break wind smell like cake , cheese cake and pineapple stew and Caramel koala which was a delicacy in Vermont. Until i burped up some foul bowel juice that struck the pope with my stiff mixture that smelt like a grandma making pot roast. I love to Said A rainbow looks retarded but i am awesome and retarded like my french teacher because you smell like raper I Am Awesome no i'm not screwed up in the head. why would I do a screwed head a funny thing? it smelt bad like wet towels and wet dog brown toilet paper covered
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Created by : Bree-anna Baker - Fb
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