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Eyes Lie

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  Story Description:
  Eyes are not to be trusted
  eyes are of colorful balls of genius and smart sight but in the same time they can fool us out by letting us see some things differently even if we stab them with ice picks a beautiful gem we stare at but when you really see a giant purple dinosaur, you will pick a stick and see what your mind sees then you throw the stick towards the long mind blowing eyes are so evil to scare babies. They share lies with other eyes that belongs to the eye they cant hide the pain of gastritis and tuberculosis in side their hearts and soul but eyes can always deceive and send out a very frighten light which we can show others how we feel when we are sadly interrupted by the annoying purple dinosaur Who have a great big heart. eyes can send very deep messages to another's eyes and show if they are true or not that depends if the eye is closed or screwed up by constipation caused by the purple dinosaur or
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Created by : Bree-anna Baker - Fb
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