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The Confused Sausage

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  Story Description:
  Sausage doesnt know where he belongs
  The sausage called Wilb rubbed Get your mind outathe gutter from the sign hanging from the woody branch. Oh sausage, how silly you are to think that you live here! Sausages don't live in places with holes find you a hotdog bun and dip it in syrup. and sprinkle it with sweets He once yelled, las salchichas! but luckily he never yelled loud enough for people to eat him like a sausage. He was so glad he wasn't going to be eaten but the chipolata was thinking of something sweet o so sweet. Sausages go good with some salad on theside and some ketchup for dip Sausage skin is pig gut. Sausge comes from a pigsbutt Pigsbutt is a ham sandwitch. salads detest ketchup dipping endeavours. I love pie with mushrooms! I love magic mushrooms with ninge cu sperma peste tot sause is nasty liek me I put the sausage in and it shocked my balls. smiley smiley happy smiley place the sausage jumped into a jar or cup of orange juice or i don't know spicey sausages can't spell obviously. a guy shot his head. Sausage, hotdog, what am I? If only I knew what I was. The sausage wondered why life was so mean and cruel to sausages. So he went to Germany to find his mother. His mother was a blind and died a year later. No she didn't die silly hedied withagunshot.
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Created by : Woody
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